Here at Lonely Controller, I’m not giving a game a complete review. Instead of rating the game on overall quality or merit, I am rating my likelihood of staying with the game and completing it. As  I said in my first post, I will often give a game three chances. I will almost certainly finish a game with a three heart rating. I probably won’t ever see the ending credits to a one-heart rated game, unless I youtube it. The Game Over rating means I am actively trying to get rid of this game, because I’ll never play it again, let alone finish it.

If I actually finish a game, I’ll rate it between one and three stars. One star means I enjoyed it, since I finished it, but it either lacks polish or is strange enough that I would only recommend it to gamers with a similar taste. Two stars means I would probably recommend the game to fans of the particular genre. Three stars means I think the game was excellent, and I would recommend the game to everyone.


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