This weekend I took my kids to the Angst Gallery in downtown Vancouver, Washington to see the Game Changers exhibit. This exhibit was curated by students and professors of the CMDC program at Washington State University. The exhibit explores some of the technological innovations that have occurred in the 40-year development of video games, showcasing influential video games that have changed cultural views and behaviors as well as impacted business, education, health, and communication.

In other words, game changers.



The room was laid out in a progressive manner. You could see how games started with the simple PONG, moved to Tetris on the Mac Classic. My favorite wall was started with a Ms. Pacman arcade cabinet, and ended with Mass Effect, with playable Pokemon on Game Boy Advance in the middle.

All of the games displayed were playable, which made the exhibit much more interactive than many. There was a very active Dance Dance Revolution tournament at the entrance to the exhibit. Other notable games included Blind Side, which the player could only navigate through sound, not sight, and a demo of the Oculus Rift.

CaptureIMG-20150321-WA0003 20150321_123642

It was evident that the event was put together with a lot of passion by the CMDC students, and the games they chose were good examples of the medium moving forward in many areas, from multimedia design, to 3d, to gameplay choices. The exhibit is open until March 28, 2015, and you can get more information here.



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