Screenshot_2014-10-28-22-47-22-1I just finished the first season of the podcast Serial. It revolves around a reporter investigating a murder over 14 years ago. Many of the witnesses, including the person charged and convicted of the crime, have very fuzzy memory of the day of the murder. Depending on  which version of events you believe in, there is either someone innocent in jail, or the right person was convicted.

Home plays with that idea of unreliable memory as you go through the game, asking you how you “remember” certain things. Did you find a body here? Was he where he says he was? Did he have a drinking problem?  The answers you give shape the game, and create the atmosphere of doubt, that you, the player, are an unreliable narrator.

The motto of this blog is many games, little time. I probably have the time to finish 20% of the games I purchase. Some people look for games that are 20 hours or more, and if that provides value to you, great. I’m becoming more and more appreciative of bite size games, even games that can be finished in one sitting.

Home is a great example of a bite size game. Using simple pixel graphics, the game leads you through a dark adventure in about an hour and a half. The choices you make will greatly affect your story. Will you have your character pick up that gun?


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