So would you play a free browser based game? The strongest reason is that because of their limitation of running on a browser, they often shine with creativity instead of eye popping graphics. Browser games are often short, giving you a satisfying experience in a single sitting. Lastly, all of these games are free! As we reach the sunset of this current console generation, gaming pennies are being saved toward the $500 consoles coming out this fall, and these free games are most welcome.


The Republia Times

This game places you as a newspaper editor in an opressive regime. Basically, you are in charge of printing propaganda. Randomized stories appear in a simple feed, and you must select which stories to highlight, as well as how big to make the story on the page, and what placement it gets.  Sometimes you’ll have bad luck, and all of the randomized stories seem to paint your country’s leadership in a bad light. After each day, you see a mockup of your paper, and get instant approval ratings.

republia timespaper










Candy Box

Ah, Candy Box. First of all, please don’t confuse this game with the fiendish “free-to-play” Candy Crush.  This entirely text and ASCII adventure starts with a simple line stating how many candies you have and giving you the choice to eat the or throw them on the ground. By the end of the game, you are vanquishing multiple foes with your flaming sword on an epic quest. I encourage you to start this game, play for 5 minutes, then let it run quietly overnight, and see how it opens up. It even has a simple save feature. Give it a shot!












Frog Fractions

I saved the best for last. Do not let this game fool you into thinking it is a simple educational game about frogs and fractions. There is SO much under the surface of this game! Your first clue about the devious programming is in the upgrades menu, where the game argues with itself over the virtue or lack there of  in buying the auto-targeting frog tongue. Speaking of upgrades, I left you a big clue in the picture about how to really dive into this game. I don’t want to say more, because this gem has many surprises that you should experience first hand. If you play just ONE of these free games, make it this one.











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