PAX Prime is a great event that lets gamers try out games that won’t be in the market yet, socialize with other gamers, go to concerts, play old school games or board games in the freeplay rooms and generally have a good time. The passes are reasonably priced at $65 for all 3 days of the weekend and $35 for an individual day.

Last year, there were quite a few shady characters outside the convention center shilling passes for anywhere from $100-150, and even worse, it turns out a lot of these were fakes, which led to people being ejected from PAX, and greater scrutiny of everyone’s badge, which meant longer lines.

This year, the 3 day passes sold out in about 4 or 5 hours, and by the time I finish typing this, the single day passes will probably be sold out as well. Part of the reason that the passes sold out so quickly may have to do with a League of Legends Regional Finals on the first day of PAX, but I suspect a large percentage of passes were bought by people who have no intention of enjoying PAX. Douchebags like this guy, this guy, or this guy.

I really loathe scalpers.


One Response to Scalpers. Why did it have to be scalpers?

  1. Anth says:

    This is pretty upsetting for a lot of people who were unable to buy tickets (aka me) because scalpers bought tickets in bulk. I hope in the future that they implement how many per person can purchase 3 Day Passes in the future.

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