I had a dream where I was with three monsters, and we had lost our heart-tree. The three monsters traveled through a splintered landscape, helping each other through various challenges, and discovering unique abilities along the way.

Actually, this wasn’t a dream at all, but a delightful little puzzle platformer on the PSP. Purchased as a PSP mini, you can actually play it on the big screen through your Playstation 3 if you wish, but with its retro sprite graphics, it looks much better on a small screen. This is a cooperative puzzle game, but you control all three characters, switching between them. The stages are broken up and rearranged in panels like a scrambled jigsaw puzzle, so jumping bast the border may place your character completely across the screen. This disorienting fracturing along with the games soundtrack gives the game its dreamlike quality.

This is by far the best PSP mini I have played. Most mini titles are clunky knockoffs of iphone games at 3 times the price, and I haven’t bothered to play them. This game is quite charming; the biggest barrier to my completion is that I seldom pick up my PSP.


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