After disabling the Playstation Network for 25 days due to a hacker’s breach of security that compromised user’s personal information and possibly credit card information, Sony launched the Welcome Back program as an apology. PSN users will be able to sign up for one free year of credit monitoring, a free month of the premium “PLUS” program, and choose 2 free Playstation 3 games and 2 free PSP games from the following list:

Playstation 3
Dead Nation
Super Stardust HD
Wipeout HD with Fury expansion


ModNation Racers
Pursuit Force
Killzone Liberation

I made the mistake of trying to download the free games on the second day they were released. Since several million other PSN users were trying to get their free games at the same time, and the checkout system for the free games was buggy, I got this error message. When I went back in the menus, my option to download my free Playstation 3 games was no longer visually available. Armed with my friend Google, I was able to figure out how to reactivate the two free games and download them. Here are the steps; hopefully this saves someone out there some time. If you have lost the “Welcome Back Free PS3 Game 1 or 2” button in the Playstation Store, here’s what you need to do:

1.Leave the Playstation store, and go back to your system menu, or XMB™

2.From the XMB™: select ‘Account Management’ -> ‘Transaction Management’ -> ‘Services List’ -> ‘SCEA Promotion’

3. Select ‘Welcome Back Free PS3™ Game 1’ or ‘Welcome Back Free PS3™ Game 2’ (whichever product has remaining uses)

4. Select ‘Select Content’ button and select your game

I think it is a good move on Sony’s part to give these games away and hopefully restore some good will to the company. What free games did you pick?

I strongly recommend using these prepaid cards for downloadable purchases instead of leaving your credit card information online on Sony’s servers.


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