With the release of Dead Space 2 for the Playstation 3, there is hope that an excellent game will finally find its audience. I loved Dead Space Extraction when I played it back in 2009, but I think a rated M game has an uphill battle on the Wii, especially if the game is a prequel to a title that is only available on other systems. Fortunately for Playstation 3 owners who purchase Dead Space 2, Dead Space Extraction is included on the disc for free!


Playstation 3

Dead Space Extraction is an on-rails shooter, meaning the player has no control over the character movement, only where to shoot. The game is presented very well on either console. The camera is twitchy and jumpy, heightening tension, the voice actors are mostly competent, and the story is even interesting. Extraction refers to the incident on Aegis VII just before Isaac Clarke’s adventure on the Ishimura, the excavation of a strange monument known as the Marker.


Playstation 3

Playstation 3

Extraction is a well developed game compared to its contemporaries like House of the Dead. Players have the choice between several different weapons, and each weapon has two firing modes. Where the player shoots the enemy is as important as hitting it, and there are also environmental puzzles involving the telekinesis ability. I encourage you to play this, no matter which system you have. The graphics are improved on the Playstation 3 version, but Extraction is one of the best “realistic” looking games on the Wii. I will hand it to the Wii Version, it didn’t include a 10 minute installation time. I’ve completed the Wii version, and rate it Will I play through the Playstation 3 version? Well, so far it is the most complete game for the Move controller, so I’ll rate it Click hearts or stars for rating explanation.

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3 Responses to Dead Space: Extraction

  1. It really is too bad that there seems to be no biological weapons in this game. Adding a plague gun would certainly add some star power to it.

    • Tim B. says:

      Thank you for the comment, and please don’t kill me…
      We can always hope that Visceral will release the plague gun with a future DLC pack.

  2. filmsteve says:

    LOL. it certainly would. Nothing like a little bit of Biological Warfare to spice things up.

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