I wish MicroBot was around when I was in high school; I could have told my mom I was studying anatomy or biology while playing it. The game features a tiny robot injected into an unknown human host’s body to destroy a mysterious infection.

The Microbot has three appendages, initially two are weapons and the third is for mobility, like a tail. At special upgrade points, you can change these appendages. You can mix and match different weapon types, or even create a super mobile Microbot with two “tails” and only one weapon.

Microbot takes place in a rich environment. The microbot is pushed along arterial currents, buffeted by red blood cells, occasionally sticking to cholesterol deposits on the walls. Capillaries pulse in the background, protein chains gnarl and wind in the foreground, and the fluid you are floating in shifts in color between blood red and a yellow plasma hue.

microbot ea

I suppose this game could make some queasy, perhaps why the ESRB chose to rate this with “Animated Blood”. Although accurate, that rating is usually reserved for violent bloodletting in other types of games. Even while shooting bacteria and other robots, the ambient gentle pulsing, whooshing sound effects and zen-like soundtrack give this game a peaceful feeling.

I am enjoying playing this unique and oddly calming twin-stick shooter, but I’m not sure I’ll feel the need to play it to completion. With that in mind, I rate this game

MicroBot was played for 2 hours on the Xbox 360. Click  for rating explanation.

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