After playing Split Second for a few minutes, I had to check the back of the box to see if Michael Bay (Transformers, The Rock) had made his first video game. Everything, including the opening credits, explodes in this game. Buildings topple, jet fighters slide off air craft carriers and ships crash off their dockings as you race by in this arcade racing game.


Earning explosions or crashes is almost as important as racing in Split Second. Catching air in a jump, drifting, or drafting earn you Power Points. When you fill up the Power Gauge enough, you can activate explosions to knock cars off the track ahead of you, alter the track with shortcuts, or cause huge catastrophes like a building falling over. It is very satisfying to watch a wrecking ball sweep your opponents off the track, and I found myself in real traffic wishing I could draft the car ahead of me and earn some Power Points.


In single player mode, the game is organized into seasons, with several stages comprising a season. You earn points along the way to open stages within the season, as well as new cars. There is a decent variety of modes in these stages like timed elimination, but my favorite was racing through a track while an attack helicopter fired missles at me.

I had a fun time with Split/Second, but after a few seasons, I felt like I’d had my fun with it. I highly recommend you borrow this game from a friend or rent it from Redbox for a weekend, but I rate this game 

Split/Second was played for 2 hours on Playstation 3. Click Hearts for rating explanation


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