Halloween is my favorite holiday. The air is crisp, leaves are changing color, and there is a sense of change in the air. Everyone has permission to be silly and dress up for a day, and there’s candy! Halloween is too fun to be confined to one day, and fortunately, there’s a game that perfectly captures the magic of Halloween and allows us to experience the joy of the season a little longer.

Costume Quest’s art style might throw some off; it looks like a kid’s game. Don’t be fooled! This is an all ages game. You play the role of a kid on Halloween whose sibling is abducted by monsters who want to empty the town of candy. As you progress through the game, you will visit a suburban neighborhood, a graveyard, a mall, and many other spooky locales.


Combat is very fun in this RPG-lite. Knocking on a door will either give you a lot of candy, or present you with a band of monsters to fight. Combat is turn based and simple. Each character has one main attack, one special attack that becomes available over time, and also a “battle sticker” attack that can be purchased with candy. What’s not to love about a game that uses candy as a currency?


The feature that makes Costume Quest unique is the costume system. Your party members transform INTO the creatures, superheroes, etc, that they represent. Do you remember how cool you felt as a kid in your cardboard box costume? No, that was just me? Well, in the game at least, it is very gratifying to see the kids transform into giant robots and knights and duke it out with the goblins.


Costume Quest is a simple, well crafted adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed. I had more fun playing this downloadable game than many full priced disc releases. Please at least download the demo and try this game. A perfect mix of nostalgia and casual fun, I rate this:

Costume Quest was played to completion on Xbox 360 with 200/200 achievements earned. Click Stars for rating explanation.

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