I have a confession. I start a lot of games. Hardly a week goes by that I don’t add at least one game to my ever growing stack of game titles, both disc based and digital.

I’m not guilty about playing games. Unlike some who reach adulthood, I do not think video games are a childish pursuit to be disallowed. No, my shame is that I don’t finish games. I finish 4-5 games a year.

I’ll press pause to let that sink in.

I’m not happy with my 10% completion rate, but that is the reality of an employed father of two that has about 30 minutes a day to game.  I love picking up a new game and getting into it, but if that game doesn’t get its hooks into me within the first few hours, back to the pile it goes.

I often give a game a second chance.  I have gone back and completed many games on the second try. But true to video game convention, most only get three lives before it is game over.

First impressions are often all I get of a game. If you are looking for a complete review of a game, this probably isn’t the site for you. But if you’d like to know what the first few hours, the sugar-rushed freshly cracked cellophane honeymoon is like, press start.


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