Kane and Lynch 2
Kane and Lynch 2 is the most fun I’ve had playing as a naked cut up psychopath running around in a mall with an assault shotgun. If that first sentence doesn’t convince parents that this game earns its M rating and shouldn’t be played by children, the first few minutes of dialogue will. The seedy gangster underbelly of Shanghai that you wade through in this game is populated with characters whose language is saltier than a potato chip glued to a french fry.1287761177-picsay

I never played the first game because of Gerstmann-gate,but the short scenes between game chapters quickly familiarized me with the two anti-heroes. Lynch is a scruffy, mentally unstable ne’er-do-well who has found some measure of peace and domestic tranquility in Shanghai with his sweetheart, Xiu. The lure of his old life draws him back, however, and he calls his former unwilling partner Kane back for one more job. Kane is more rigid and professional, extremely jaded and wants to quit the gangster life, but needs the money from one last job to provide security for his daughter Jenny.  Without going any further into the story, I’ll just say that things don’t go well for Kane and Lynch, and double-crosses abound.Kane and Lynch 2

2010-10-18_23-45-48_557Kane and Lynch 2 is presented in a documentary film style. The camera is shaky, resolution is gritty, and body parts are occasionally mosiaced out. I’ve played other games where this style distracted and detracted from the game, but here it enhanced the sense of urgency and the grittiness of the Shanghai streets. I did wonder how the cameraman survived. . Kane and Lynch are animated very well. Kane looks like a real person while firing an automatic weapon, not a robot, and Lynch looks appropriately shifty and twitchy.
Kane and Lynch 2

The stages in Kane and Lynch 2 are laid out to draw you forward into the action. There are some side corridors and hallways, but you will naturally find yourself channeled to the next area of enemies.  Gunfire is thick and frequent, and running straight into the fray will quickly get you killed. Cover is provided generously, some of it which is destructible.  The levels are designed to give you many opportunities to flank or get above your enemies and get an advantage on them.  Although there are quite a few weapons available in the game, it is always wise to drop what you have and pick up what the enemies are carrying to ensure you have enough ammunition. I especially enjoyed the heavy machine gun in chapter 9.

While the story was not a groundbreaking Shakespearean tragedy, it did move along briskly and kept me engaged.  While I did not play co-op either locally or online or try the game’s robust multiplayer mode, I did finish the game’s single player story mode. This game earns a rating of Game was completed in singleplayer mode in 6 hours on Playstation 3. 14 out of 61 trophies earned. Click for ratings explanation.

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5 Responses to Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

  1. chris says:

    Thanks for the review here, I’ve got this sitting on my shelf waiting to be played, lol.

    CAG member here, thanks for the chance to win.

  2. lo6ick says:

    good game, sadly mine was “misplaced” by a cousin, i’m gonna have to grab another copy of it. i’d love to get the dlc pack.

    also cag member

  3. bossversion1 says:

    Nice review. Doesn’t sound so bad. I really liked the demo for the first one but never got around to buying it. I’ll definitely be purchasing this one.

    Another CAG dude. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  4. barrel says:

    I actually enjoyed playing through the single player, but have not tried the multiplayer out yet for some reason…would definitely like to try out the dlc (which I didn’t even know about until a moment ago)

    CAGer as well.

  5. Tim B. says:

    Thank you all for reading my review. Remember if you don’t have the game yet, it’s currently $15 at Gamefly used! I think that is a good buy.

    And barrel wins the guide and DLC. Thanks everyone!

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